• With this connection, you can create virtual interfaces directly to public AWS services (for example, to Amazon S3) or to Amazon VPC.
  • An AWS Direct Connect location provides access to AWS in the Region with which it is associated. You can use a single connection in a public Region or AWS GovCloud (US) to access public AWS services in all other public Regions.

In this article, I will share more details about AWS VPC, its components and how it works in the cloud. The overview of the VPC and comparing to on-premise setup had been posted in this previous article.

AWS Global Infrastructure

Firstly, let’s see the AWS Global Infrastructure how it makes the AWS Cloud Platform the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform.

The core components in the AWS Global Infrastructure are Regions, Availability Zones (AZ), Edge Locations, etc. You can see more details about the AWS Global Infrastructure at AWS Global Infrastructure Page.

  • Regions — Each AWS Region consists of multiple, isolated, and…

Networking has been very well-know in the IT world.And there are a lot of people working as network engineer in their professional career.
The scopes of the Network Engineers are mostly administering , managing and operating the network devices from the various vendors. As a network engineer, we needed to know the basic networking concept and get yourself familiar with the usage of the products of the giant networking vendors.
Nowadays, the trend in the IT world has been changed and the cloud technology has been tremendously popular and many organizations are adapting into the cloud setup.

I has been…

Win Phyo Aung

Network Engineer @ On-Premise & @ Cloud

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